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Singing Courses in Manchester

We are an independent vocal training school, dedicated to teaching students of all levels. We are based at the largest film studio complex in the North, Space Studios, giving our students an insight into the world of TV and Film.

From complete beginners to professional singers, we train our students using the Estill method to give them the skills required to realise their potential.

Vocal Training Courses


Vocal Training UK is a school run by experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping people to realise, and enhance, their singing potential. Using the Estill Voice Training™ method, our tutors work with people of all levels to improve your skills and make you the best vocalist you can be.

Whether you’ve only ever sung in the shower, or you’re a professional looking to fine-tune your skills – our vocal training courses are for students of all levels. What are you waiting for? Come and realise your potential today.

Pro Theatre Course

If stage performance is your dream, then this is the course for you.

One Year Pro Vocals

Learn about craft, artistry and performance on this expert course.

12 week Pro Vocals

Learn the basics of voice production for effortless singing.

One Day Course

Warm up your vocal cords on this one day taster course.

Weekend Masterclass

Perfect your vocal skills on this two-day course.