1 Year Professional Singing Course

About the Course

This one-year course has been designed for those wishing to pursue a singing career.

This course covers all elements of voice production in three incremental modules – craft, artistry and performance.
Each module leads smoothly onto the next, and it’s vital that each one is perfectly mastered before moving on, so our students are continually assessed and assisted to ensure their success.

This course isn’t all practical-based, there will be a lot of theory to cover too, so classes will take place in a mixture of both lectures and workshops to ensure that each module is fully understood. All assessment tasks will be clearly explained, song lists will be provided and each student will be expertly advised to ensure they’re selecting songs to their current level of proficiency.

Our courses take place in a supportive, highly collaborative environment. In addition to this, students will be expected to practice their art outside of college hours and study tasks will be set to ensure each student is ready to move onto the next level.

No professional singing course would be complete without a photoshoot! All students on this one-year singing course will have their headshots taken on a professional photoshoot in order to send them out to the prospective clients upon completion of the course. In addition to this, students will have the chance to visit recording studios in order to gain a full understanding into the industry.

As a grand finale to this course, students will be given the opportunity to showcase their new-found skills at a live professional music event in front of an audience of friends, family and industry professionals – including singing agents.

You will leave this course with the skills, confidence and knowledge to commence your singing career. Whether you’ve dreamed of attending the X-Factor auditions, or you’re wishing to take to the stage as a musical theatre performer – this course will open up doors you’ve been longing to knock on.



26th September 2019


9th July 2019

Final Show


1 Year Pro Vocals
Price – £5700
36 weeks

Price includes VTUK Hoodie/T-shirt, bone prop, assessment workbook and head shots. Students booking onto this course will be invited to join us on our one day taster course where you will be assessed for level.

**Payment Plan Available**

Term dates apply.


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Module 1 - Craft

Making sounds



The Craft module is designed to explain the mechanics of making sound. In this module, we will understand where and how we make sound, which physical structures are involved and how we can control those structures – in isolation and combined with others.

We will look at the basic ‘ingredients’ of sound production – breath pressure, resistance, support, muscle effort. Each of these structures will be isolated and controlled. In doing so, you will understand how they affect the essentials of sound – pitch, tone, volume, timbre.

You will be encouraged to make sounds in as natural and efficient way as possible. These ‘unrefined’ or ‘Primal’ sounds will have no aesthetic bias.

The module will include:

  • Breath pressure
    • Correct use of abdominal muscles
  • Vocal fold resistance
    • Vocal fold closure
    • Medial compression
  • Postural support
    • Correct use of torso muscles
  • Effort levels
    • Why effort is vital
    • Discriminating necessary effort from unwanted tension
    • Releasing unwanted tension
    • Isolating effort
    • Flexible effort levels
  • Balanced resistance
    • Equalizing resistance and pressure
    • Exploring imbalances
  • Vocal fold vibration
    • A detailed look at how the vocal folds vibrate
    • Vocal fold structure
    • Vocal registers
    • Vocal terminology
  • Pitch production basics
    • How vocal folds produce pitch
    • Controlling vocal fold length, mass and tension
  • Larynx control
    • The anatomy and physiology of the larynx and throat
  • Basic sounds
    • Sighing
    • Crying
    • Sobbing
    • Calling
    • Shouting
    • Speaking
    • Screaming
  • Projection
    • Adding intensity to the voice
  • Articulation
    • Shaping the sound into language
    • Vowels
    • Consonants
  • Resonance
    • Brightening the tone
    • Darkening the tone
  • Distortion sounds
    • How to produce healthy growls and roars
Module 2 - Artistry

Refining sounds

Having covered the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ in Craft, the Artistry module is designed to explain how you can refine those basic sounds by shaping tone, volume and resonance.

We will then look at how we combine the basic ‘ingredients’ into different voice qualities, each of which is considered appropriate for a different musical genre.

The Artistry module will explain exactly how to use your voice in your chosen genre(s), with specific instruction on the differences between styles.

The module will include:

  • Voice qualities
    • Combinations suitable for
    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Jazz
    • Folk
    • Musical Theatre
  • Vocal registers
    • A more detailed look at registers
    • Register transition points
    • Using registration
    • Disguising registration
  • Expressing emotion
    • Understanding the emotional content of tone
    • Understanding lyrics
    • Matching vocal tone to emotion
  • Phrasing
    • Extending breathing patterns
    • Controlling tone
    • Controlling dynamics
  • Advanced Diction
    • Forming vowel sounds
    • Forming consonant sounds
    • Equalizing vowels
    • Tuning vowels
    • Vowel modification
    • Audience-focused diction
  • Rhythm
    • Rhythm basics
    • Rhythmic styles
  • Advanced dynamics
    • Volume control
    • Tone control
    • Intensity control
Module 3 - Performance

Module 3 – Performance

Applying sounds

Having covered Craft and Artistry, the Performance module puts it all together. We will take you from a proficient voice user into a professional standard performer.

In this module, you will work with our visiting lecturers, each of whom will be an expert in a particular field.

This module is designed to give you all the tools you need in order to take your first steps in the professional world

The module will include:

  • Microphone technique
    • Understanding how mics work
    • Using a microphone
    • Choosing a microphone
  • Effects
    • Sound basics
    • Matching the sound to your voice
    • Using reverb
    • Getting a ‘stadium’ sound
    • Working with sound engineers
  • Choreography
    • Appropriate use of torso muscles
    • Appropriate use of facial muscles
    • Connecting with the audience
  • Working with musicians
    • Solo performers
    • Bands
    • Songwriters
  • Songwriting
    • Lyrics
    • Melody
    • Tempo
    • Rhtyhm
  • Vocal health
    • Looking after your ‘instrument’
    • Effective warm-ups
    • Avoiding damage
    • Dealing with issues
    • Gig health
    • Studio health
    • Tour health
  • Working with recording engineers
    • What to expect in a studio
    • What the engineer wants / needs
    • Full day in a studio
  • Promotion
    • How to ‘sell’ yourself
    • Building a fanbase
    • Effective use of social media
  • Finding an agent
    • What to look for
    • What they require
    • Job opportunities
    • Agent audition
  • Audition preparation
    • Choice of songs
    • What to do
    • What not to do

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